Bloomin’ Spondon Parks

Bloomin’ Spondon Parks

Our Bloomin’ Spondon Parks project is focused on planting flowers across our parks.

Hobson Drive Park

1700 mixed Crocus bulbs have been planted in a large heart shaped flower bed.

Bridgeside Park

500 Purple Crocus bulbs have been planted outside the play area for Polio awareness.

300 mixed Crocus bulbs have been planted on the banks around the slide in the play area.

Borrow Wood Park

135 Daffodil bulbs have been planted in two small beds in the new nature area.

Thanks to

This project could not be completed without donations.  A massive thank you to the groups that have supported this

A Magic Little Grant 2021 donation was used to purchase 2000 Crocus bulbs and 135 Daffodil Bulbs.  There were planted across Hobson Drive Park, Bridgeside Park and Borrow Wood Park

As part of global projects of the Rotary Club is to eradicate Polio.  Part of this is to raise awareness.  

The Rotary Club of Derby has donated 500 Purple Crocus bulbs that have been planted on Bridgeside Park.