Dog Poop Bag Dispensers

Dog Poop Bag Dispensers

Working together FOSP, Derby Parks, Derby City Council & Derby Homes are pioneering a trial of Dog Poop Bag Dispenser at two of the parks in Spondon. These will be the first across the city. 

Eight dog poop bag dispenser have been installed across two of the parks in Spondon, four each on Brunswood Park and Dale Road Park

They have been provided as part of the ‘Spondon says NO to Dog Fouling’ campaign that will be running during the autumn.

Ever been out walking your dog and found you have ran out of poop bags, on Dale Road and Brunswood Parks you will now be able to grab one.

Where possible please continue to bring and use your own bags for dog waste.  The aim of the dispenser is to help where people do not have a bag.  If everyone switches to using these bags as their main source of bag, then we will not be able to maintain the supply of replacement bags.

Brunswood Park

On Brunswood Park the dispenser have been installed at each of the park entrances

Dale Road Park

Dale Road Park has a dispenser at the main entrance and two of the footpath entrances.  The final dispenser has been installed at the car park.

The Dispenser

Close up of one of the dispensers.

Spondon says No to Dog Fouling Campaign