Gravel Pit

Gravel Pit Recreation Ground


The main access to Borrow Wood Park is from Gravel Pit Lane

Gravel Pit Lane
DE21 7DB

Vehicle access is via Gravel Pit Lane .

Gravel Pit Recreation Ground has a hard standing parking area for about 20 cars.  Note that this is not always open.

There are a number of pedestrian access points for the park.  All are suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs as they are connected by a path. At points the path can be narrow and uneven.

Access from Gravel Pit Lane   is via a short, steep hill. Take care in icy conditions.  There is a path from The Covert that leads to the park.  In the North West corner of the park there is access leading to/from Moult Avenue and South Avenue Park.  The final access point is from Kirk Leys Avenue North .

Closest Defibrillator
White Swan Pubic house

Location Identifiers

Google Plus Code
WH8X+X9 Derby

Things to do

Pink Line Paths
Black Box Football Pitch
Entrance from Gravel Pit Lane
Entrance from Kirk Leys Avenue North
Entrance from The Covert
Entrance from Moult Avenue / South Avenue Park
Vehicle access from Gravel Pit Lane

About the Park

The park is about 2.5 hectares in size.